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  • Are you a Productivity Tools Hitchhiker?

    Are you a Productivity Tools Hitchhiker?

    As a tool-hopper, I’m always searching for the best way to manage my tasks and information. With so many options available, it’s easy to get caught up in trying out the latest productivity and knowledge management tools like Dynalist, Roam Research, Obsidian, Tana and more. But constantly switching between them can lead to frustration and…

  • The Concept of Joy in Tools: Why It Matters

    The Concept of Joy in Tools: Why It Matters

    Recently, I came across the concept of “joy” in tools, which I found to be a refreshing perspective. This is separate from the trend of forced positivity and the notion that happiness is solely our responsibility. The idea is that using tools that bring us joy can make us more productive. Joy can be found…

  • Outliner or not?

    Outliner or not?

    I’m an outliner; I’ve always preferred to write my notes using bullet points and expand the ideas or content below these bullet points. Outline tools like Workflowy, Dynalist, Roam Research, and LogSeq have become popular. While outline tools help organize complex projects and break them down into manageable tasks, they can be less flexible. They…

  • Migrating from Roam to Obsidian

    Migrating from Roam to Obsidian

    Note: This is a repost from a blog post I wrote in January 2022 on my blog, which unfortunately disappeared recently after a server issue. Minor edits have been performed. You can also find it on Medium Table of Contents The Switch Why did I quit Roam Roam: Things I miss 1/ Blocks 2/ A Real,…