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The Concept of Joy in Tools: Why It Matters

Recently, I came across the concept of “joy” in tools, which I found to be a refreshing perspective. This is separate from the trend of forced positivity and the notion that happiness is solely our responsibility. The idea is that using tools that bring us joy can make us more productive.

Joy can be found in different aspects of a tool, such as its design, functionality, speed, security, and more. The tool might bring joy by helping with organization, automating tasks, improving memory recall, or facilitating creativity. Some people find joy in working with high-end tablets, while others prefer the customization options and intelligent engineering of a product.

However, this aspect of joy is often neglected when choosing personal tools, such as a personal knowledge management tool or a “second brain.” People tend to focus on features, productivity, and efficiency, but it is equally important to consider how the tool makes you feel.

In our daily lives, we may have to use tools that don’t bring us joy, but when it comes to personal tools, we should make a deliberate effort to choose ones that bring us happiness. When we enjoy using a tool, we are more likely to use it frequently, explore its features, and find new ways to incorporate it into our work and life.

In contrast, using tools that cause frustration can lead to stress and decreased motivation, ultimately reducing productivity. So, when choosing a personal or corporate tool, it’s crucial to consider its features and potential to bring joy.

In conclusion, incorporating the concept of joy into our tool selection process can lead to a more productive, positive, and fulfilling work experience.

The idea of joy was popularized by Marie Kondo, who encourages only keeping items that “spark joy.”

Let’s adopt a similar mindset regarding our tools and choose ones that bring us joy.






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